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Hand Cream with Natural Milfoil Water - 1.7 oz, 50 ml

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Hand Cream with Natural Milfoil Water - 1.7 oz, 50 ml

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Fight the harmful effects of chemicals and extreme weather on your hands with the Milfoil Hand Cream infused with Glycerin and Milk Proteins.


Product Description

Getting tired of your dry hands? Nothing seems to be working? With the passage of time, skin starts to lose its moisture and eventually you’ll be dealing with fine lines and wrinkles. Since they are also exposed to the extreme weather conditions, your hands start showing signs of aging even when your face is rosy and radiant. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be the fate of your hands.

Well, now your hands are in the safe hands of natural Milfoil Water; this herbal hand cream is the answer to your problem. Milfoil water nourishes the skin cells in order to improve the regeneration process. This makes your skin heal faster and look younger. The ingredient also plays a vital role in improving the blood circulation in hands, thus eliminating dark spots around knuckles and joints. Good riddance! That’s something all women would want to get rid of.  

Since Glycerin and Milk proteins are wonderful moisturizers, this herbal product has these ingredients in its formula so that your hands don’t feel dry and rough. The cream restores your skin’s natural softness and elasticity. So, if softer and better looking hands is what you are looking for, then be assured that Milfoil Hand Cream is what you needed all along. Now, you can go out in extreme cold or humidity without getting dry, chapped and irritated hands.

List of Active Ingredients:

Natural Milfoil Water, Glycerin and Milk Proteins.

How to Use:

•    Rinse and clean your skin.

•    Apply with light massage movements.

•    For better protection, apply before going out.

•    For best results, apply twice daily, or as required.

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