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Grape Seed Essential Oil 100% Pure, Oleum Vitis Vinifera - 100 ml

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Grape Seed Essential Oil 100% Pure, Oleum Vitis Vinifera - 100 ml

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Regenerate, moisturize, tone your skin and get rid of all your skin complaints with Aromatherapy Grape Seed Oil.


Product Description

The regenerative and restructuring properties of this essential oil make it one of the most used massage oils for centuries. It is normally used as a carrier/base oil for other scented oils but it has a mildly sweet scent of its own too. The astringent qualities of the essential oil will help to tighten your skin and give it an even tone. So teenagers, be happy. Now you’ll be able to get rid of the acne invasion and that too, in quite a cost effective manner.

This essential oil is preferred as a common ingredient in cosmetics and will give your skin all the moisturizing that it needs. The best thing remains that its non-greasy which makes it quite convenient, but you can easily mix it with other aromatherapy essential oils for body massages.

It locks the moisture in your skin so that it remains healthy and gets a radiating glow from within. Got any minor cuts or burns? Ease the inflammation and pain by dressing your wounds with Grape Seed Oil and experience the relief and soothing effect.

Since Grape Seed Oil caters to the needs of all skin types, you can get a smooth satin finish without even worrying about a greasy look. It’s wise to have a bottle of Grape Seed Oil at home all the time. So replace your chemically treated skin care products with Grape Seed Oil and give your skin the pampering it deserves.

Active Ingredient:

Grape Seed Oil

How to Use:

•    Aromatherapy Grape Seed Oil has a short shelf life. So use it within 6-12 months for maximum value.

•    Use grape seed oil as a carrier base to enrich other aromatherapy and skincare formulations

•    For body massage, use 3 to 5 drops of scented oil with one Tsp Grape Seed oil

•    Dilution rates differ with each essential oil

•    Can be used for head and body massage

•    For external use only

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