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Citronella Essential Oil 100% Pure, Cymbopogon Winterianus - 10 ml

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Citronella Essential Oil 100% Pure, Cymbopogon Winterianus - 10 ml

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Do you love the citronella-like fresh, pink lemon scent with its light woody and olive green notes? Do you crave a product to energize you with the same? Rush to buy yourself Aromatherapy Citronella Oil.


Product Description

The fresh, pink lemon scent reminiscent of citronellal with light olive green and woody notes, is widely used in scented candles and patio sprays. Most people are familiar with the enchanting aroma, but few can name it. Though it works well to freshen up the atmosphere and create a perfect ambiance, the therapeutic advantages of Citronella Oil cannot be ignored.

The intoxicating fumes boost your energy and clears up your mind. Set up an oil burner at your work place and you’ll feel your productivity increase. So be prepared to allow this sensational oil take over your mind and soul as you drift across the waves of relaxation.

The oil keeps you protected against insect bites, isn’t that what every camper needs? So add a bottle of Citronella Oil when you next plan to explore nature. Using it in moderate doses will give you freedom from that body odor. You will literally sweat out excessive fat and salts that will help in honing your body the way you want it. Say goodbye to perspiration and oily skin and say hello to a healthier one.

So if you are looking for an uplifting and joyous experience, try bathing with Citronella Oil.

Active Ingredient

 Citronella Oil

How to use:

•    Never apply directly without diluting with a base oil

•    Add 3 to 5 drops in base oil and massage the body

•    Put 5 to 8 in hot water and enjoy a relaxing bath

•    Can be used for head and body massage

•    Can be used in aromatherapy lamps

•    For external use only

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