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Chamomile Essential Oil 100% Pure, Chamomilla Recutita 0.4 oz – 10 ml

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Chamomile Essential Oil 100% Pure, Chamomilla Recutita 0.4 oz – 10 ml

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Discover the benefits of chamomile oil, one of the most beneficial members of the aromatherapy essential oils used for massage and in lamps.


Product Description

Did you know chamomile is regarded as one of the oldest medicinal flowers in history? It has many properties, all of which are extracted in the form of this oil. Chamomile essential oil is good for your mind, body, and beauty. They say it has a therapeutic impact on the mind and helps you get rid of dark and depressing thoughts. It helps the mind relax, and therefore, is essentially a very effective cure for insomnia. A little head massage with this oil is enough to help you enjoy a calm and peaceful sleep throughout the night.

The oil is mostly used in baths to get rid of sore muscle and joints. Many believe that it acts as a tonic for tired and fatigued body. Not to mention, it can also help heal allergies and skin infections such as eczema and dermatitis. Also, it can help fade away scars and dark spots.

The aroma of chamomile is different from other flowery oils. Instead of a sweet fragrance, this oil has a slightly bitter and dense aroma. Legend has it that breathing in air with chamomile can actually energize your spirit and soul. So are you ready for a truly uplifting experience?

Active Ingredients

Chamomile oil

How to Use

•    Take two drops of chamomile oil and mix in one tsp of base oil and use the mixture for a body massage. 
•    Pour 5 to 8 it in tub full of warm water to prepare a bath
•    Use aromatherapy lamps to repel insects  and purify the air
•    Do not apply without diluting with a base oil

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