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BRS Hydrating Face Cream with Organic Rose Oil and Yogurt 1.7 oz, 50ml

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BRS Hydrating Face Cream with Organic Rose Oil and Yogurt 1.7 oz, 50ml

Brand: Bulgarian Rose Signature
Product Code: MPBG44
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To hydrate the hell out of your skin to keep it from drying and flaking turn towards Bulgarian Rose Signature hydrating face cream.


Product Description

If you find that your skin is dry, why not give it a drink. This hydrating face cream is like a drink of water for thirsty skin. The rich formula of this specially formulated cream makes it easy to instantly hydrate dry and lifeless skin. By steadily releasing moisture and much needed nutrients in your skin throughout the day, the Bulgarian Rose Signature hydrating face cream is able to keep your skin feeling soft, healthy and prepared for makeup without any fuss.

The long-lasting cushion of pure rose oil and Macadamia oil leaves your skin feeling plumped and smoothed. In other words, just perfect for keeping on your makeup and making you look fresh and glowing throughout the day. Other ingredients in this amazing formula include Yoghurt, Collagen and Squalene, all of which work together to moisten and condition your skin while essential rose absolute provides soothing properties.

This specially formulated facial cream can replenish skin with moisture and soothes dryness without ever leaving behind any greasy residue which is seen in other hydrating creams. That’s because this particular product has been manufactured by using only the highest quality standards and a light, non-greasy formula, which only makes the skin look lively and natural.

This formula has also been dermatologically tested so there’s absolutely no reason not to give it a go. Being a non-comedogenic, this cream does not clog the pores in the process. Sometimes, sensitive skin gets dry, especially during the winters which is why it needs that extra nourishment to stay radiant and clear. This product does just that for you, which is why it should be used both day and night to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth all day long. So, what are you waiting for Christmas? If you are, then don’t, because your skin cannot wait. Get this premium quality product today and get yourself silky smooth skin in no time!

Active Ingredients:

•    Natural Rose oil

•    Rose Absolute.

•    Natural Rose Water.

•    Yoghurt.

•    Macadamia oil.

•    Collagen.

•    Squalene.

•    UV Filter.

How to Use:

Apply in the morning on well cleansed face, neck and neckline with light circular movements.

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