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Rose Water 100% Organic, Rosa Damascena - 16.9 Oz, 500 ml

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Rose Water 100% Organic, Rosa Damascena - 16.9 Oz, 500 ml

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Enjoy the soothing benefits of natural rose water extracted from the finest Rosa Damascena from Bulgaria.


Product Description

No matter how well you treat your skin, you cannot keep it completely safe from exposure to harmful elements. From chemicals in your cosmetics to the harsh weather, everything plays a role in damaging the skin. That is why every now and then, you need to treat your skin with something light and soothing yet bearing the power to deep clean and remove impurities. That is exactly what the natural rose water does.

Natural rose water is another premium product you get from the queen of roses, Rosa Damascena. Just like the oil, the water is also widely used in aromatherapy. The fragrance has a significant impact on mind and senses. However, the best use of natural rose water is for healthier and cleaner skin. The product is essentially the most organic skin toner you can find. It provides deep nourishment, moisture, and cleans away dirt and impurities from the surface and deep within.

If you have sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry about anything as the product is as mild as you can imagine. And more importantly, it has the ability to repair the damage and sooth inflammation that is already present.

Rose water is also very soothing for burning and dry eyes. If you haven’t slept much and the eyes are swollen, red and baggy, try a few drops in the eye and splashes on the face. Next thing you know, you’ll be fresh as a flower. Using natural rose water on a regular basis will also restore the pH balance of the skin making it less prone to early aging, acne, and discoloration.  

Natural rose water is 100 percent organic with water soluble active ingredients and is therefore absolutely safe for oral ingestion. It can improve your digestive system and if you are looking for a quick bad breath fix, a gulp is all you need.

Our signature product comes in a generous 500 ml bottle that will suit all your aromatherapy and beauty needs.

Active Ingredient

100 percent Natural rose water obtained from the Rosa Damascena Mill flower

How to use:

•    Soak a piece of cotton ball in the Aromatherapy natural rose water and apply on clean face

•    Splash on the pillow and sheet and prepare for a DIY aromatherapy as you sleep

•    Can also be applied on other parts of the body for nourishment and moisturizing

•    Can be taken orally

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