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BRS Anti-aging Cream with Organic Rose Oil - 1.7 oz, 50 ml

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BRS Anti-aging Cream with Organic Rose Oil - 1.7 oz, 50 ml

Brand: Bulgarian Rose Signature
Product Code: MPBG45
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If you’re noticing lines and wrinkles on your face then it’s high time you did something about it. Get this anti aging face cream and watch those unwanted lines disappear.


Product Description

Now, you can look and feel yourself, just prettier and a lot more confident than before with Bulgarian Rose Signature’s anti aging face cream. The specially formulated cream has all the ingredients one would need to make their skin look younger and with a lot less wrinkles. This versatile skin cream can repair your skin by nourishing it with nutrients and all the anti aging properties of 100% natural rose water.

This anti aging miracle is literally loaded with active ingredients which helps to extend the lifespan of your skin by fighting against the signs of aging while you sleep. This restorative skin cream features natural ingredients such as Rose Absolute, Yoghurt and Argan oil all of which helps to trigger the body’s natural ability to extend the lifespan of your skin cells by repairing and restoring collagen, which is basically the building blocks of the skin. The formula also helps against the affects of pollution and is ideal for using after prolonged exposure to the sun.

Upon application, this anti aging cream practically melts into your skin and feels like your skin is just drinking up all of the vitamins and goodness in this unique,  100% natural skin care product. Filled with the many benefits of natural rose water, this specially formulated anti aging cream is great for both am and pm use if you find that your skin needs more moisture to hold you down.

Don’t like strong scents, well this anti aging cream smells sweet and nice without being too strong. The creamy moisturizer is able to reduce the visible signs of aging. By combining high concentrations of Yoghurt and Argan oil, this cream not only reduces lines and wrinkles, but also minimizes the appearance of dark spots on your skin, leaving you with a perfectly even complexion. So, your skin is left feeling softer, smoother and with a natural looking, radiant glow that makes you look much younger than your age. If you’re looking to improve your appearance by getting rid of those lines and wrinkles then this unique anti aging formula was made for you.

Active Ingredients:

•    Natural Rose oil
•    Rose Absolute
•    Natural Rose Water
•    Yoghurt
•    Argan oil
•    Collagen
•    Squalene

How to Use:

Apply in the morning and in the evening on well cleansed face, neck and neckline with light circular movements.

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