Rose Flower Water, Bulgarian - 8.5 oz, 250 ml
Rose Flower Water, Bulgarian - 8.5 oz, 250 ml

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Rose Flower Water, Bulgarian - 8.5 oz, 250 ml

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The fresh aroma of Natural Rose Water leaves a sense of beauty and youth. And has beneficial effects for all skin types. The only natural skin cleanser you will ever find!


Product Description

Use Natural Rose Water to help maintain your skin’s pH balance and its anti-bacterial properties will take care of all the skin problems by fighting against acne, dermatitis and eczema. The antioxidant properties of rose water help to strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues.

What more could one desire if we get clear and smooth skin? Well, if you are facing problems in this area, then you really need to use Aromatherapy Natural Rose Water. It hydrates, revitalizes and moisturizes the skin, and makes it smooth to touch.

Worried about the old scars that don’t let your beauty shine through? You might be in luck. Natural Rose Water helps to heal scars, cuts and wounds. Not only that, it helps to tone the skin and keeps it cool.
It’s not only great for your skin but the nourishing and moisturizing properties of rose water enhance the quality of hair as well. Any mild scalp inflammations and dandruff that are caused by fungal infections can also be treated with the healing powers of Natural Rose Water.

Use it as a disinfectant and room freshener to keep your workplace and home fresh and free of germs and bacteria. No, it’s not magic; it’s just nature’s way of blessing us. So reap the many benefits of Natural Rose Water and revitalize aging skin to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. You know you deserve the best!

Active Ingredient:

Natural Rose Water, Rosa Damascena

How to Use:

•    Clean the skin thoroughly.
•    Spray a few drops on a cotton swab to apply it on the desired area.
•    Don’t rinse it off immediately after application
•    Allow it to absorb in your skin.
•    For better results, spray Natural Rose Water solution directly on your body or hair.
•    Spray on top of bathroom and kitchen shelves, counter tops, and table tops to keep them free of germs and smelling fresh.
•    Small amounts can also be combined with water and used as an environmental-friendly air freshener or when steam ironing.

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