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Bulgarian Rose Oil 100% Pure, Rosa Damascena 5ml in Box

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Bulgarian Rose Oil 100% Pure, Rosa Damascena 5ml in Box

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Enjoy the fragrance of authentic Rosa Damascena (The Queen of Roses) and order this multipurpose product from the famous Rose Valley of Bulgaria. This product comes with certificate for authenticity.


Product Description

Looking for oil that magically contains all the miracles you expect from essential oil? Look no further, for the best of all essential oil is here in the purest of its form. We proudly present to you, our most premium offering – 100 percent natural rose oil. A little 5 gram vial extracted from more than thousands of finest Rosa Damascena from the fields of Bulgaria. Rosa Damascena is called the queen of roses not just because of its beauty or fragrance, but also because it gives us two of the most miraculous products i.e. pure rose water and pure rose oil.

Authentic Bulgarian rose oil is considered one of the most exclusive essential oil and you can’t just trust any brand. This product comes from a company that is known for the quality and authenticity of the products. That is why this product comes from a certificate of authenticity that denotes the purity and quality of rose oil you get.

With the finest quality of Bulgarian rose oil, you can enjoy all the inherited benefits of Rose Damascena oil for healthy mind, body, and skin. It is hard to sum up all the benefits in limited space, but if you are investing in this precious miracle, you should know some of the key properties it posses.

•    Mind Relaxant

Get a whiff of pure rose oil, and the fragrance will transport you into a world of possibilities and positivity. This impact it has on our senses is what makes rose oil one of the favorites among aromatherapy professionals and their clients. While it can fight away anxiety, depression, and stress, it also has the power to replace all that negativity with happiness, hope, and confidence. That is why it is widely used in therapies for patients with low self esteem related issues.

The power of relaxation properties of this oil is not just limited to mind. It also helps relieve muscular pain and stress by acting as a light sedative. A body massage or hot bath with this oil will make you feel calm and comfortable enough to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

•    For all Thing Beautiful

It is not unusual to see rose oil as a major ingredient in most high-end beauty products. The oil has the ability to heal damages skin and even hair. Working on a cellular level, it increases the skin’s power to regenerate while restoring moisture and elasticity. It has astringent properties that make it effective against dark marks, scars, infection or any other condition that causes dullness or uneven tone.

Speaking of beauty, love is one of the most beautiful things in this world, and there is no surprise that the most beautiful rose of them all contains the power to enhance your ability find and keep love, the enchanting fragrance of rose oil when used as or in perfumes, will make head turns towards you. And that’s not where the magic stops. Rose oil is a powerful aphrodisiac and lets you enjoy a healthy relationship on every level.

•    The Key to Wellness

If you ask us about one key product that you need to keep at home to ensure best of mental and physical health, we would recommend nothing but pure Rosa Damascena oil. When used for massage, the oil not just relaxes muscle, it works on a deeper level to improve blood circulation while purifying the blood free radicals and impurities. Due to this property, it also affects the function of heart and liver. When used in the form of medication, rose oil works as a laxative and improves bowel movement.

Strong and potent, this oil is used in very small quantity and even these 5 gm are going to go a long way no matter which purpose you use it for. Not to mention, even this quantity requires around thousands of roses from which the oil is distilled through a proper process.

So, get your hands on a truly treasured product that can be used in many ways and can help you stay happy, healthy, and beautiful.

Active Ingredients:

100% Pure Rosa Damascena Essential oil

How to Use:

•    Used for  massage, aromatherapy lamps, and to create perfumes and pharmaceutical products

•    Always dilute the rose oil with a base oil before topical application

•    Put a few drops in a tub full of water for a relaxing bath

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