BRSS Glycerin Soap Blue for Body with Caviar Complex – 2.9 oz, 80 gm
BRSS Glycerin Soap Blue for Body with Caviar Complex – 2.9 oz, 80 gm

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BRSS Glycerin Soap Blue for Body with Caviar Complex – 2.9 oz, 80 gm

Brand: Bulgarian Rose Signature SPA
Product Code: MPBG110
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This exotic bath soap in blue contains all the nourishment and tantalizing fragrance needed to make your bath a truly luxurious experience.


Product Description

Let us introduce you to one bar that will change your bath experience forever! Made from ultra rich nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa Soap is not the everyday beauty bar you find on shelves. It is a unique formula that gently cleanses the skin and replaces all the toxins and impurities with nutrients and moisture necessary for healthy and beautiful skin. The soothing blue bar is a wonderful combination of color, shape, and scent that stays all day.

The major ingredient in this soap is glycerin. While glycerin is one of the best natural moisturizers you can find, it combines with natural rose water to deep clean your skin cells. Most soap just work as abrasives to clean the surface, but this one here works on a much deeper level to clean long settled traces of impurities and toxins introduced to your skin through various elements. And then we have caviar complex, a unique combination of minerals, amino acids, and vitamins your skin needs for rebuilding the damage and retaining elasticity.

What you will really love about this soap is the soothing color as well as the artfully crafted shape that is easy to handle, which means you can enjoy a relaxing bath without the bar constantly slipping out of your hands.

If you love to pamper yourself with a warm relaxing bath every now and then, this one comes highly recommended from our most trusted brand. Try it and you will love it.

Active Ingredients

Natural rose water, caviar complex, glycerin

How to Use

•    Apply on wet skin to form foam

•    Massage the foam gently all over the body

•    Rinse thoroughly

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