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BRS Hand Cream with Rose Absolute and Yogurt – 2.5 oz, 75 ml

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BRS Hand Cream with Rose Absolute and Yogurt – 2.5 oz, 75 ml

Brand: Bulgarian Rose Signature
Product Code: MPBG104
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Reclaim the youthful appearance and softness of your hands while keeping them protected from harsh weather and chemicals


Product Description

Don’t let dry and chapped hands tell stories on your behalf. You don’t know what secrets you must be giving away by overlooking the care of your hands. We are here to keep the mystery alive by helping you keep your hands just as youthful and beautiful as your face. Say hello to Bulgarian Rose Signature Hand Cream – a product designed specifically for the texture and condition of skin of your hands.

You must know that our skin tends to be different for different parts of our body. Also, different parts of your body get exposed to different elements. Due to chemicals in soaps, washing liquids, and other chemicals we come in contact with on a near daily basis, our hands are exposed to adversities we usually keep our face safe from. These adversities, combined with weather, can make your hands dry, rough, and wrinkly. This cream is based on formula that takes care of all these issues.

It contains key moisturizing ingredients of the Rose Signature Cosmetic Series including rare and authentic rose absolute, yoghurt, and argan oil. These ingredients provide the nourishment your skin cells need for regeneration process. The cream also removes dead layers of skin that make your hands rough and dull.

One ingredient that truly makes this hand cream unique is squalene, oil that occurs naturally in our body and keeps a good moisture balance in the epidermis. It also creates a protective layer on the surface of skin, which makes your hand soft and silky while locking the moisture in all day long.

Active Ingredients

Rose oil, Rose Absolute, Yoghurt, Argan oil, Squalane.

How to Use

Apply a small amount on both hands

Massage gently till absorbed

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