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BRS Gel for Perfect Bust with Rose Oil and Yogurt – 3.0 oz, 90ml

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BRS Gel for Perfect Bust with Rose Oil and Yogurt – 3.0 oz, 90ml

Brand: Bulgarian Rose Signature
Product Code: MPBG112
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Improve your figure and posture with this incredible lifting and tightening gel that simply defies gravity and time.


Product Description

When it comes to beauty, there are only few brands that cover you completely like Bulgarian Rose Karlovo. It helps you get that flawless face and impeccable body. And we are not just talking about the skin here. We are talking about the curves and contour that define perfect feminine beauty. You know there can be many factors that make you lose the firmness and shape of your perfect bust. Well, this magic product pits nature against nature. It contains a blend of powerful shaping and lifting ingredients that will defy time and gravity, leaving you with the silhouette of a true diva.

This bust shaping and lifting tonic is made from 100 percent organic ingredients of the finest quality. It contains rose oil, rose, absolute, and yoghurt to keep the skin moisturized and wrinkle free. The key ingredient, hexapeptide, is a bust firming complex that helps the skin retain its elasticity. It has regeneration capabilities that work well specifically for the skin around the bust area. Its effects are further enhanced by hyaluronic acid, which works on cellular level to improve the cellular structure and function of the skin. When these ingredients combine, they give you an instant feel of firmness. Regular usage will drastically improve the overall shape while reducing the sagging and wrinkled skin around and under the bust.

The gel also contains green algae extract. It contains nutrients that nourish and stimulate the function of skin cells. Green algae extract also has an impact on the texture and appearance of the skin surface. And guess what, it can boost collagen production and retention giving back the youthful elasticity that you might have been losing over the years.

Due to all natural and organic ingredients, this product is safe to use even for sensitive and allergy prone skin.  So, stand firm and young with this magical product.

Active Ingredients

Rose oil, Rose Absolute, Yoghurt, Green Algae Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Hexapeptide

How to Use

•    Apply a small amount on breast and neckline

•    Massage in gentle circular motion around the breasts

•    Message in upward motions for the neckline

•    Avoid the nipple area

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