Bulgarian Rose Signature Cleaning Milk for Face with Rose Absolute and Aloe Extract – 3.0 oz, 90ml
BRS Cleaning Milk for Face with Rose Absolute and Yogurt – 3.0oz, 90ml

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BRS Cleaning Milk for Face with Rose Absolute and Yogurt – 3.0oz, 90ml

Brand: Bulgarian Rose Signature
Product Code: MPBG101
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Deep clean your skin with a natural product that eliminates deep settled impurities and toxins without leaving any chemical traces.


Product Description

If you care about your skin, you know that cleansing is essentially the most crucial part of a good beauty regimen. Make no mistake, not all cleansing products are created alike. Most of what you get off the shelf is harsh and abrasive. These products do more damage than good. That is why you need something natural to not only clean the skin but also repair the damage inflicted by all the chemicals and the beauty products you previously used.

Let us reveal a product that does it all, and much more for your skin – the Bulgarian Rose Signature Cleaning Milk - a mild cleansing product that has just enough power of nature to salvage your skin from all the damage by getting rid of impurities, toxins, and chemical residues.

The product contains the deep cleaning properties of rose absolute, yogurt, and aloe extract combined. Extracted from the finest roses from Bulgaria, rose oil and rose absolute replace all the adversities settled deep in the skin with healthy nutrients and enough moisture to improve the cell function. Overall, these ingredients also improve the oxygen level in the cells, which is essential to their health and performance. As a result of this improvement in cell function, you will see a visible difference in the texture and appearance of your skin within one use.

Two more ingredients you should really learn about before you choose this product are polysaccharides and aloe extract. Explaining polysaccharides in a non scientific manner, we would say that these are the droplets right out of the fountain of youth. These are the building blocks of a healthy skin as they allow skin to retain moisture while also creating a barrier against harmful agents. Aloe Vera on the other hand is a natural soothing agent that can reverse the damage and heal inflammation and allergies. That is what makes it a perfect product for sensitive skin.

Make this product an essential part of your beauty routine and you will be surprised at how it dramatically reduces the need for heavy makeup coverage and other beauty products.

Active Ingredients:

Rose oil, Rose Absolute, Yoghurt, Almond oil, Olive oil, Aloe extract, Polysaccharide

How to Us:

•    Apply on damp face, neck, and neckline

•    Massage gently for a few minutes

•    Remove with a cotton pad or rinse with warm water

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