Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa Intensively Hydrating Face Cream with Jojoba Oil and UV Filter – 1. 7 oz, 50ml
BRSS Hydrating Face Cream with Jojoba Oil and UV Filter 1. 7 oz, 50ml

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BRSS Hydrating Face Cream with Jojoba Oil and UV Filter 1. 7 oz, 50ml

Brand: Bulgarian Rose Signature SPA
Product Code: MPBG51
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Save your skin from all the elements that rob its beauty while simultaneously repairing the damage with this ultra hydrating cream.


Product Description

What do you think is the biggest threat to your skin? Well, in a world full of pollutants, chemicals, and harsh weather, the list is almost endless. Yet, there is one factor common in all kind of damages, and that is dehydration and dryness of skin. Irrespective of whether it’s the sun or chemicals that is the main culprit, it is their drying impact that actually starts the process.

How about, we reveal an ultimate solution to dryness and dehydration that slowly makes the skin appear dull and unattractive and also saves it from further damage?

Introducing a miracle product that will magically moisturize your skin not just on the surface, but on a cellular level, thus improving your skin’s natural ability to store and retain more moisture. As a result, your skin appears more supple and young. The super moisturizing capabilities come from premium natural oil, rose water and Jojoba oil.

And that’s just the beginning! The cream contains Caviar complex, a firming agent that contains amino acids, minerals, and oligoelements. These ingredients also moisturize the skin, but on a much deeper level. Cavair complex reaches your skin cells, repairing them and improving their function. It is an anti-oxidant that removes impurities and free radicals that speed up the aging process.

Last but not the least, this cream is also an excellent protective shield against the UV damage caused by the sunrays.

So, if you have an outgoing lifestyle, this is a product you should actually stock up on before all the other ladies learn about it.

Active Ingredients

Natural rose oil, natural rose water, caviar complex, jojoba oil, vitamin E, UV filter.

How to Use

•    Apply the product on face, neck, and neckline

•    Gently massage till absorbed

•    Use every morning to stay moisturized all day

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