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BRSS Gentle Eye Contour Cream with Shea Butter and Q10 - 0.5 oz, 15ml

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BRSS Gentle Eye Contour Cream with Shea Butter and Q10 - 0.5 oz, 15ml

Brand: Bulgarian Rose Signature SPA
Product Code: MPBG49
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Let your eyes reflect the true beauty of your soul with this soothing and moisturizing anti-aging complex created with natural ingredients.


Product Description

Your eyes tell the story of your life. it may be a beautiful statement, but not so when you have a tiring lifestyle that doesn’t offer much sleep or time for proper pampering and care at a spa. Bulgarian Rose Signature Rose Spa series is specifically created to offer that level of care at home. And to prevent your eyes from telling the tale of tiredness and fatigue, we have the perfect eye contour cream created right out of your dreams.

Formulated with all natural ingredients with firming, anti-oxidizing, and moisturizing capabilities, this product brings an end to all your around-the-eye problems including lines, wrinkles, sagging, and dark circles. The mild formula is perfect for the sensitive and relatively thin layer of skin around the eyes. Since that area is more prone to losing its natural ability to hydrate, this cream penetrates the cells at a deeper level to restore that function.

The main ingredients that make this formula so effective are Caviar Complex and the Coenzyme Q10. Both the ingredients are known for their ability to restore elasticity as well as firmness. That is one reason you will see an instant smoothing effect on those fine lines and wrinkles that keep increasing by the day.

Shea butter, on the other hand, works with rose oil and water to improve the tone and fading away redness and dark circles without any makeup.

This is the cream that will help you prevent premature aging while also reversing the damage already wrought by improving cell regeneration. That’s pretty much all you need to see!

Active Ingredients

Natural rose oil, natural rose water, caviar complex, coenzyme Q10, grape seed oil, shea butter.

How to Use

•    Take a small amount of product on your fingertips

•    Apply and massage around the eyes in gentle motion

•    For est result, use before going to bed

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