Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa Hand Cream with Rose oil and D-panthenol – 1.7 oz, 50ml
BRSS Hand Cream with Rose oil and D-panthenol – 1.7 oz, 50ml

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BRSS Hand Cream with Rose oil and D-panthenol – 1.7 oz, 50ml

Brand: Bulgarian Rose Signature SPA
Product Code: MPBG50
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Get your hands on one of the most luxurious and effective hand care formulas ever created for ladies who desire soft and healthy hands and nails.


Product Description

If you are a beauty-conscious perfectionista, you know that beautiful hands are just as important as a bright smile or glowing cheeks. Yet, it’s understandable that maintaining beautiful hands is a tad bit difficult than a beautiful face. Believe it or not, your hands are exposed to just as many adversities as your face, and even more if you prefer doing dishes and laundry on your own. You can’t always go to a spa for a manicure after every chore. Besides, extremely dry or even humid weather can snatch the beauty away from your hands. That is why you need a product that can not only restore the softness and smoothness but also protect your hands from further damage.

Let us introduce you to a handy alternative to your spa manicure – the Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa Hand Cream. The product is created to restore a healthy balance of moisture to your hands without making them greasy. Containing Caviar complex, the product also has anti-aging and anti-oxidant capabilities that can get rid of lines and dark spots caused by exposure to external elements.

This hand cream also contains D-panthenol, a vitamin complex that improves the elasticity of the skin by maintaining the natural hydro-lipid balance and makes your hands appear younger as ever. Natural rose oil and rose water, key ingredients in all our Bulgarian Rose products, give this hand cream an astringent property while offering you a light fragrance that will stay with you all day.

Put simply, this magical product will take care of all the skincare issues at hand. So, grab one and discover the true touch of beauty and youth.

Active Ingredients

Natural rose oil, natural rose water, caviar complex, D-panthenol.

How to Use

•    Apply a small amount on both hands

•    Massage gently till absorbed

•    Use twice a day for best results

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