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5Pc Rose Set with Day Cream, Hand Cream, Cleansings Milk, Moisturizing Tonic, Cream Soap

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5Pc Rose Set with Day Cream, Hand Cream, Cleansings Milk, Moisturizing Tonic, Cream Soap

Brand: Rose
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The ultimate beauty gift set that is a complete skincare regime for those who prefer natural products that make you glow from within.


Product Description

A five-piece special gift set that completes your beauty regime by cleansing, toning, moisturizing your skin. Take care of your body, face, and hands while saving ten percent on the overall pack.

•    Rose Cleansing Milk with Natural Rose water and D-panthenol

Start your beauty regime with a proper deep cleanser that not just cleanses and tones the skin, but also nourishes it to ensure a healthy glow from within. D-panethenol retains the skin’s natural elasticity to give you a youthful appearance.

•    Rose Cream Soap with Rose water

Give your body the same clean and fresh look with a soap that acts as a moisturizer as well. No more itchiness and dryness you experience with other beauty bars. You can rely on the magical power of rose water to remove all the traces of chemicals and impurities.

•    Rose Hand cream with Silicone oil and Vitamin F

When you know your hands need special care, this is a product that helps you restore the glow and beauty of your hands. Fight all the damage done by chemicals and harsh weather. Not only does this cream nourish your skin, the silicone oil formula seals the moisture and forms a protective shield that lasts all day.

•    Rose Day Cream for Face

Say farewell to the day creams that give you nothing but dull and oily skin. This is a long lasting product specially formulized to keep the skin glowing fresh and brighter for hours and hours. The high moisture formula keeps the skin hydrated without making it excessively oily.

•    Rose Moisturizing Tonic with Allantoin

Containing Allantoin and glycerin, this tonic is food for your skin. Unlike other toners, this product doesn’t just work on the surface giving you a temporary glow. It works from within to repair all the damage and unveil a fresher and healthier look. 

Active Ingredients

•    Rose Cleansing Milk 
 Active ingredients: Rose water, Rose oil and D-panthenol
•    Rose Hand Cream
 Active ingredients: Bulgarian rose water, Rose oil, Vitamin F, and Silicone oil
•    Rose Cream Soap
Active ingredients: Natural Rose water and rose fragrance
•    Rose Daily Cream for face
Active ingredients: Natural Rose oil, natural Rose water, Jojoba oil, Vitamins A and E
•    Rose Moisturizing Tonic
Active ingredients: Natural Rose oil, natural Rose water, D-panthenol, Allantoin, Glycerine

How to Use

•    Rose Daily Face Cream
Apply all over the face and neck, and massage till absorbed.
•    Rose Hand Cream
Massage a small amount of cream on both hands till absorbed.
•    Rose Cleansing Milk 
Apply on face and neck with the help of a cotton swab.
•    Rose Cream Soap
Apply on damp skin to form lather and massage it for a minute.
•    Rose Moisturizing Tonic
Spray twice or thrice on the face and neck. Use twice a week or every time after makeup removal.

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