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4pc Rose Set with Day Cream, Hand Cream, Shampoo and Cream Soap

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4pc Rose Set with Day Cream, Hand Cream, Shampoo and Cream Soap

Brand: Rose
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This four piece gift set is a complete cleansing and nourishing solution for face hands, hair, and body. It can make for a perfect gift for someone special or a treat to pamper yourself.


Product Description

If you wish to discover the true brilliance of the Bulgarian Rose, this is the complete pack that covers the best of face, hand, hair, and body products in the "Rose" series. Experience the goodness of Bulgarian Rose oil with four premium products bundled together with an amazing discount of 10 percent on the whole package.

•    Rose Day Cream for Face with Rose oil and Vitamin E

The Rose Daily Cream for Face contains two ingredients that are essential for skin rejuvenation; Rose oil and Vitamin E. Mild and gentle, it is suitable for all skin types. If you have ultra dry skin, this cream will moisturize and hydrate, and if you have oily skin, it will keep the oil levels in balance throughout the day. Most importantly, it is safe to use as an everyday skin guard against exposure to the sun, dust and smog.

•    Rose Hand Cream with Rose oil and Silicone oil

Are the effects of harsh weather on your skin getting out of hand?

Get immediate, effective, and lasting relief for those dry and chapped hands  with Rose Hand Cream with its highly concentrated formula of natural ingredients. This premium quality rose oil will leave your hands feeling as soft and smooth as a baby’s, while the silicone oil will protect it against damage caused by harsh environmental elements. 

•    Rose Shampoo with natural rose water and D-panthenol

There are more-than-one reasons as to why you should shun your regular shampoo in favor of this paraben free organic one. Containing D-panthenol, not only does it remove dirt, oil and other toxins, that accumulate over strands and scalp, it also heal the damage done over the years of using chemicals and heat. Not to mention, it’s your way out of all kinds of itchy situations whether it is due to dandruff or any other condition.

Rose Cream Soap with Rose water

Tenderly caress and clean your skin with this beauty bar crafted with natural ingredients. Containing rose oil and natural rose water, this bar fills the room with its floral fragrance. The formula helps soften the skin and enriches it with its therapeutic properties and regenerating properties, making it an excellent option for skin rejuvenation.

Get all four of these premium quality products in one box and you will be saving around 10 percent.

Active Ingredients

•    Rose Daily Cream for Face

Active Ingredients: Natural rose water, Rose oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E.

•    Rose Hand Cream

Active Ingredients: Natural rose water, Rose oil, Silicon oil, Vitamin F

•    Rose Shampoo

Active Ingredients: Natural rose water, Rose oil, D-panthenol

•    Rose Cream Soap

Active Ingredients:  Rose Water

How to Use

•    Rose Daily Cream for Face

You can apply this cream in the morning with a gentle massage-like movement on your face and neck.

•    Rose Hand Cream

Apply on your hands on a daily basis to cleanse your skin and leave your hands as soft and shiny as your face.

•    Rose Shampoo

You can apply the shampoo on wet hair and rinse thoroughly with cold or warm water.

•    Rose Cream Soap

Gently massage on wet skin till it lathers, and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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