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3 Pc Rose Gift Set with Shower Gel, Hand Cream, and Cream Soap

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3 Pc Rose Gift Set with Shower Gel, Hand Cream, and Cream Soap

Brand: Rose
Product Code: MPBG27
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Looking for a high value premium gift pack for someone? This three piece set with shower gel, hand cream, and cream soap offers great value at great discount.


Product Description

Looking for a truly pampering and precious gift for a loved one, or a beauty treat for your own self? Discover the real beauty secrets of Bulgarian rose with the Rose Gift set. The set contains three of the popular products in the series including the following. Moreover, with this gift set, you will save around 10 percent.

•    Rose Shower gel Rose with Rose oil and D-panthenol

A shower gel that soothes and relaxes you by gently cleaning and exfoliating the skin without scrubbing. The moisturizing formula nourishes the skin cells allowing them to function better and retain more water and elasticity. The blood circulation in the epidermis is enhanced, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. The pleasant rose fragrance will stay with you throughout the day.

•    Rose Hand cream Rose with Rose oil and Vitamin F

Containing two magical ingredients, Vitamin F and Silicone Oil, this hand cream instantly improves your skin from inside out. While vitamin F works with rose oil and water to hydrate and nourish your skin cells, Silicone oil improves the texture of the surface removing fine lines and leaving your hands softer and supple. The hand cream provides ample protection against extreme cold and dry weather.

•    Rose Cream soap Rose with Rose water

Enjoy a spa like bath at home with a soap that won’t rob your skin of its natural moisture and youth. Unlike regular bath soaps, this soap has a creamy formula made from premium and pure ingredients such as rose water. It cleanses the skin without leaving traces of chemicals and impurities like most soap.  It forms a gentle and fragrant foam that will make the massage truly enjoyable. 
All the three luxury beauty items come in one exclusive gift box perfect for any classy lady in your life.

Active Ingredients

•    Rose Shower Gel
 Active ingredients: Rose water, Rose oil and D-panthenol
•    Rose Hand Cream
 Active ingredients: Bulgarian rose water, Rose oil, Vitamin F, and Silicone oil
•    Rose Cream Soap
 Active ingredients:  Rose Water

How to Use

•    Rose Shower Gel
Apply on wet skin and massage till it forms foam. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
•     Rose Hand Cream
Apply a small amount on each hand and massage till absorbed.
•    Rose Cream Soap
Apply on wet skin. Gently massage into foam. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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