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3 Pc Rose Gift Set with Cream Soap, Body Lotion, and Hand Cream

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3 Pc Rose Gift Set with Cream Soap, Body Lotion, and Hand Cream

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Take good care of your hands and body with this complete three way care system containing Rose cream soap, body lotion, and hand cream.


Product Description

Your body needs a complete care system that does not end at simple washing and cleaning. The Rose three piece gift set with body lotion not just cleanses your skin but also moisturizes and protects it against harmful environmental elements and extreme weather.

•    Rose Hand cream with Rose oil and Vitamin F
Don’t let your hands give away your age. Your hands need as much care and attention than your face. Since the skin is different, you need more than just a simple moisturizer. Rose hand cream contains the hydrating trio of rose water, rose oil, and Vitamin F. Together, these ingredients keep your skin excessively hydrated while Silicone oil instantly smoothens rough skin and locks in the moisture all day long.

•    Rose Body Lotion with D-panthenol and Vitamins A+E
Rose body lotion is an extensive moisturizer designed for even the driest parts of the body such as knees and elbows. The lotion contains a combo of Vitamin A and E that nourishes your skin on a deeper level. With regular use, you will see a visible difference in the uneven skin tone, thanks to the lotion’s inherent corrective effect.

•    Rose Cream Soap with Rose water
Enjoy a truly regal beauty bath with this fragrant creamy soap that contains natural ingredients. Forming a creamy foam, this soap gently cleanses the skin without leaving any traces of chemical impurities. The creamy formula is excessively hydrating and moisturizes your skin without leaving a layer of greasiness. You will get out of the bath feeling truly relaxed and fresh.

Active Ingredients

•    Rose Body Lotion
 Active ingredients: Natural rose water, Rose oil, D-panthenol, Vitamins A+E
•    Rose Hand Cream
 Active ingredients: Bulgarian rose water, Rose oil, Vitamin F, and Silicone oil
•    Rose Cream Soap
 Active ingredients:  Rose Water

How to Use

•    Rose Hand Cream
Apply a small amount on each hand and massage till absorbed.
•    Rose Cream Soap
Apply on wet skin. Gently massage into foam. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
•    Rose Body Lotion

Use a small amount on slightly damp skin after the bath. Gently massage till absorbed.

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