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3Pc Rose Set with Revitalizing Face Cream, Body Lotion, and Hand Cream

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3Pc Rose Set with Revitalizing Face Cream, Body Lotion, and Hand Cream

Brand: Rose
Product Code: MPBG25
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A complete gift set that take care of your face, body, and hands while offering a 10 percent overall value on some of the top favorites in the Rose beauty products lineup.


Product Description

When you need a beauty pack that takes care of not just your face but also your body and hands, this is the gift set that best fulfils your wish. Containing Rose face cream, body lotion, and hand cream, the pack helps you save ten percent on the overall price of these best selling products. Let’s take a look at all the products in this truly revitalizing solution.

•    Revitalizing Face Cream "Rose" with Q10

The revitalizing face cream is the ultimate solution for all the problems that rob your skin of its freshness, brightness, and youth. Containing Q10, the cream expedites and improves the skin cell function and regeneration process. With new and better cell forming and containing, you will see a visible difference in the way your skin feels and looks. Don’t be surprised by the sudden disappearance of all the fine lines, uneven tone, and sagging skin.

•    Rose Body Lotion with Vitamin A and E

Complement the newly discovered fresh and revitalized face with a cleaner, softer, and moisturized body. While Rose has plenty of body products, this lotion has extra nourishment and moisturizing abilities. This comes from its key ingredients that include Vitamin A and E, two of the most important nutrients for healthier and glowing skin. The scent is simply mesmerizing.

•    Rose Hand Cream "Rose" with Silicone oil and Vitamin F

When it comes to a complete beauty regimen, you can’t overlook your hands. The harsh weather and the chemicals used in detergents can really harm the texture and appearance of your hands. This extra moisturizing cream hydrates and revitalizes from within with Rose oil and Vitamin F. Active Silicone oil, on the other hand, creates a soft and shiny layer that keep your skin protected all day long.
Get a complete beauty regime with this exclusive three-piece Rose gift set for a fresh face, beautiful body, and softer hands.

Active Ingredients

•    Rose Revitalizing Face Cream with Q10  
 Active ingredients: Rose water, Almond Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and D-panthenol
•    Rose Hand Cream
 Active ingredients: Bulgarian rose water, Rose oil, Vitamin F, and Silicone oil
•    Rose Body Lotion with Vitamin A and E
 Active ingredients: Natural rose oil, natural rose water, D-panthenol, vitamins A and E.

How to Use

•    Rose Revitalizing Face Cream with Q10  
Apply all over the face and neck, and massage till absorbed. Use twice a day for best results.
•    Rose Hand Cream
Take a small amount, apply on each hand, and massage till absorbed.
•    Rose Body Lotion with Vitamin A and E
Gently massage all over the body after a bath or shower.

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