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3 Pc Rose Gift Set with Cleansing Milk, Hand Cream and Cream Soap

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3 Pc Rose Gift Set with Cleansing Milk, Hand Cream and Cream Soap

Brand: Rose
Product Code: MPBG23
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Enjoy great value with an exclusive beauty gift that contains the best selling Rose Cleansing milk , soap, and hand cream, with authentic rose oil as the primary ingredient.


Product Description

This three piece rose gift set offers great value on three of the best selling and most beloved products in the Bulgarian Rose ‘Rose’ beauty line. Complete with cleansing milk, cream soap, and hand cream, this pack is the ultimate way to get fresh, clean and soft skin all day long.  Most importantly, you get to save 10 percent

•    Rose Cleansing Milk with Natural Rose water and D-panthenol

Free your skin of all the chemicals and impurities left by exposure to cosmetics, weather, and other elements. Unlike other cleaners, Rose cleansing milk has natural ingredients that wash off all the impurities from deep within without leaving traces of chemicals. Natural rose water is a deep cleaner that washes the deep settled dirt and oil as well as the layers of dead skin. D-panethenol nourishes the skin and retains elasticity for a younger looking, fresher face.

•    Rose Hand cream with Silicone oil and Vitamin F
It is not unusual for our hands to age earlier than the rest of our body and face. This is particularly due to harsh and dry weather. This hand cream contains silicone oil that builds a protective layer to save your hands from the harshness. Meanwhile, rose oil and Vitamin F combine to nourish the skin and keep it hydrated and moisturized for a softer feel and younger appeal.

•    Rose Cream Soap Rose with Rose water
With Rose Cream Soap, you will be giving your body the pampering it deserves. Unlike run-of-the-mill soaps, this bar contains natural moisturizers and deep cleansing powers of Rose Water. No harsh sulfates or parabens – the soap will not only leave your skin feeling fresh and clean but also younger and tighter without over-drying. 

If you want to discover the purity and freshness of high quality natural products, this is the pack to start with.

Active Ingredients

•    Rose Cleansing Milk 
 Active ingredients: Rose water, Rose oil and D-panthenol
•    Rose Hand Cream
 Active ingredients: Bulgarian rose water, Rose oil, Vitamin F, and Silicone oil
•    Rose Cream Soap
Active Ingredients: Natural Rose Water and Fragrance

How to Use

•    Rose Cleansing Milk
Dip a cotton swab in the cleansing milk and apply all over the face and neck
•    Rose Hand Cream
Take a small amount, apply on each hand, and massage till absorbed.
•    Rose Cream Soap
Apply on damp skin. Gently massage into foam. Rinse with warm water.

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